5 YouTube Channels to Chill Out With

Contrary to the overwhelmingly true advice that we shouldn’t look at glowing screens at night, I have for several years enjoyed watching YouTube before bed. Though, I will often knock the brightness down and set the colours to Night Shift if I’m using my phone over my XBox One. I’m quite particular about who I watch before sleep and anyone too shouty or overstimulating has to wait for the morning. That’s not to say that the channels I choose to … Read More

My Little Box Unboxing July 2015

This is the first box from My Little Box that I’ve felt was a little below par in some while, but everyone views these things differently and it’s possible this one just wasn’t for me. Have a look and let me know what you thought. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with posts and to say hello.

COLUMN: The YouTube Trap

Back in September I wrote a column on YouTubers and putting your everyday life online, along with both the rewards and the pitfalls of doing so. I remember posting that column and thinking that the whole microcosm of YouTube fame was something of a ticking time bomb. The more I sat back and watched it unfold, the more it seemed unruly, chaotic and a disaster waiting to happen. This column isn’t intended to be a late ‘I-told-you-so’, but this week … Read More

Column: Life Edits

You may or may not know that thriving on YouTube is a sub-culture that’s giving women and young girls a whole new experience of beauty and everyday life. At the lower end of the spectrum they are awkward teenagers in poorly lit bedrooms holding up their new tube of Barry M lipgloss to their iPhone front camera, struggling to make it focus, before uploading the video to YouTube and hoping it launches a glittering career. At the top end, the … Read More