The Magnificent Seven & Making a Case for Remakes

If social media has taught us anything, it’s that hell hath no fury like the rage typed in reaction to a movie remake announcement. Apparently nothing shakes us to our core more than a new spin on something we know and love, despite it having no impact on the existence or the brilliance of the original. When you crave something that avoids nostalgia, in can be tedious to get a repeat of what’s been done before. Between adaptations from page-to-screen … Read More

Hell or High Water | Film

If the Western is to be a permanent fixture in American cinema, how does it evolve? It can, of course, keep looking back to a time when land was fiercely scrambled for. But what of life in the contemporary westerly United States? With all the flourishing head rushes of climbing on a horse and driving flags into the ground long gone, there are new stories to be told on that same terrain. You can watch Hell or High Water like … Read More

FILM: Jane Got a Gun – Almost the Western it Should Have Been

It always sets off alarm bells when a film’s been beset with disasters long before it reaches cinema screens. The bulk of the three-year delay between shooting and release that grounded Jane Got a Gun was the result of Relativity Media’s bankruptcy. Likely down to Natalie Portman’s star quality and producer credits, it eventually found another distributor under the Weinstein wing. But before any financial trouble, creative differences threatened to derail production right from the off. Michael Fassbender left the … Read More

The Salvation – Film Review

We often believe Westerns to be clothed in ‘Property of Hollywood, California’ sweatshirts, unavailable to anyone on other shores. Snarling, bow-legged cowboys flipping smoking pistols around their index fingers and dispatching varmints to a dusty death before chewing their way through a Texan drawl and spitting its tobacco-laced juice into the dirt. First dibs on telling America’s 19th Century history goes to America, right? Typically, yes, but the thing about those who both populated and built the contemporary Western USA … Read More