VIDEO GAMES- Atari: Game Over

It wouldn’t be hyperbolic to say that Atari gave birth to the video gaming industry we now take for granted. In the 1970s, they were the first in the west to take coin-operated arcade games and engineer them into consoles to be played in your own home. Nintendo were making grand forays into the video gaming world at the same time, but their success was largely felt in Japan during the 70s. In the UK, neither the Sinclair ZX Spectrum … Read More

COLUMN: Dear You…

Dear You, I don’t know who ‘you’ are. You communicate with made-up names and behind avatars that aren’t really you. But know that if I knew your name, I would refer to you by it. I could come up with something derogatory and hurtful, but then I would be lowering myself to your level of snipe. There’s no discourse to be had once you deliberately offend someone. You may not get to the end of this column before navigating away, … Read More

Video Games: The Walking Dead, Season 2 (No Season 2 Spoilers)

  PLEASE READ: This article give spoilers to season one of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead video game. If you have yet to play season one, don’t read on. I do not believe I have given any spoilers for events taking place in season two but, as always, proceed with caution.  The biggest misconception about video games, largely believed by those who’ve never picked up a controller, is that they’re passive and lacking feeling. They’re about shooting people, crashing cars, … Read More

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