Red Dead Redemption 2 and the emotional joy of video games

  THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE RED DEAD REDEMPTION VIDEO GAME.  Video games have come in for a bad rap over the years. This almost always simmers down to a lack of understanding: people who don’t play finding the attraction confusing and therefore rubbishing its existence. An exercise dripping with insecurity. In its earlier years especially, gaming was demonised for allegedly instigating real-life violence in players who committed grievous acts on-screen, fully ignoring the millions of us who didn’t … Read More

Black Mirror – Series 3 | Upload us all to the cloud

During the week leading up to Halloween we can expect a collection of film and TV outlets to clamour for our attention. It’s officially the most deliberately horrifying month of the year, yet the most frightening thing you can watch this week is undoubtedly the third series of Black Mirror. As if Charlie Brooker’s enviable way of packaging up how we live and communicate through a worst-case-scenario lens wasn’t already brilliant, on Netflix everything’s that little bit bigger, bolder, sharper. There … Read More

E3 2016 Personal Highlights

Ah E3, the annual pilgrimage of video game professionals and commentators eagerly poised to either peddle or be enlightened by what the heroes of fast-fingered entertainment have in store for the next 12 months. Those few days where some of the most cynical people on the planet allow themselves to enjoy being part of this dysfunctional but pleasingly inescapable family. At least, that’s how to approach it if you plan on having fun. Any gamer watching the commencements on their … Read More

Life is Strange (Spoiler-Free Review) – they’ve just got so many feelings

Life is Strange – the decision based graphic adventure game from Square Enix – slipped past my gaze during its ten-month 2015 release. It’s a video game so engrossing and evocative I wish I’d paid it more attention when its name was first floating around social media. I also wish I’d written it. Having only now completed all five episodes over the space of a few weeks, I’m still feeling its emotional impact several days after closing the book on … Read More

Three Winter Candle Favourites

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If ever there was a time of the year when people love having candles around it’s Christmas. There are plenty to choose from. You’d be hard pressed not to find a company, big or small, luxury or budget, that isn’t peddling a Christmas offering. You can rely on the big names to produce something fantastic. You know the ones I mean. The Diptyques, the Jo Malones, the Neoms of this world. Last year my Christmas candle was the Elemis Spa … Read More

Comic Block October 2015 Unboxing

Usually I’d simply be embedding a YouTube link here and asking you to enjoy my video, but it’s just a good old-fashioned blog post for the Comic Block unboxing this month. This is largely down to the fact that the weather’s made it so unfathomably dark in my office this week it’s been impossible to make a decent video. Have no fear, fans of my face and dulcet tones, the villain-themed Marvel Collector Corps subscription box should be with me … Read More

The Gamechangers – Was the BBC telling of Rockstar Games’ story fair?

The battle between gamers and those who don’t understand video games is as old as it is exhausting. Given how far forward we’ve now come to gain some credibility and while we’re still having to justify the industry’s existence to critics, you can’t help but wonder what the BBC’s motivation was in making The Gamechangers, shown on BBC2 last night. The docu-drama aims to tell both sides of the story regarding Rockstar Games’ fight to make Grand Theft Auto: San … Read More

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) – Felicia Day Book Review

On the surface and considering her unconventional upbringing, it seems bizarre that so many people would feel such an intense kinship with Felicia Day. In her fascinating new memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), the actress, writer and producer lets us in on her life and, once you really get to know her, it becomes obvious why she’s so irresistable to so many. The geek world is generally a mainstream lifestyle choice these days, but Felicia wasn’t just … Read More

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