FOOD: Jamie Oliver – Comfort Food

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I’ve had something of a long love affair with Jamie Oliver. Not the romantic kind, but in my story with food Jamie takes up beautiful, winding chapters. He and Nigella Lawson dramatically changed how I felt about food and cooking. I had one parent who would eat absolutely anything put in front of them, while the other made an Olympic sport out of furious calorie counting. It was a confusing position in my late teens and early 20s, being caught … Read More

TV: The Great War – The People’s Story

When the Blackadder team took on World War I, it felt quite different from their other series. In 1989 many of us had at least one relative who could remember The Great War. It seemed closer to us, somehow. More relatable than the reign of Elizabeth I, certainly. The comedy was still there and Edmund Blackadder was still a self-serving swine, but they used it as a form of education. The final episode took us by surprise in its poignancy. … Read More

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