Watch to Watch This Weekend

AT THE CINEMA  In the grand lottery of which celebrities’ private lives become the unhealthy infatuation of the tabloid media, Jennifer Aniston continues to bat away bizarre and unwanted attention. Pleasingly, she handles it with the kind of bemused nonchalance only those made of strong stuff can summon. Equally pleasing is that she’s been outspoken about the fact that actors who choose a career in comedy are often overlooked as ‘real actors’. Being funny is a serious business. If proof … Read More

What to watch this weekend

AT THE CINEMA Given the astonishing success of Frozen, you could possibly understand if Disney’s next blockbuster was crammed full of equally infectious melodies and hooks, but Big Hero 6 carries itself without any musical help. Based on the Marvel comics series of the same name, Big Hero 6 does actually borrow something from its chilly predecessor: it’s about loss, family, friendship and sacrificing things for the people we love. But best of all, the film manages to do it … Read More

STYLE: Fantasy Styling April Ludgate

Parks and Recreation is a hotbed of inspiration for your next girl-crush. I love all the ladies, but as I’ve just finished season six, I’m feeling sad there’s just one more to go, and it’s time for one of Instagram’s favourite weekly games, Woman Crush Wednesday, this post is entirely fuelled by my admiration of Aubrey Plaza. I don’t know if I could quite summon enough misery and displeasure with the world to play April Ludgate, so I might just … Read More

American Horror Story Freak Show, Episode 1

It must be a fabulous treat for a cast of TV actors and crew to reunite each year to make a television show, but be able to take on new parts and tackle the challenges of dressing people and sets in different periods of history. American Horror Story, now beginning its fourth season, has the feel of repertory theatre, but with the eeriest writing and a budget that allows them to completely submerge themselves and viewers in a brand new … Read More

COLUMN: The Apprentice and Grown-Up Panto

Remember when you were a bit sick in your mouth because you got so excited that you were on your way to see the Christmas pantomime you couldn’t keep the stomach acid from creeping up your gullet? You’d stuff your face with a theatre-sized bucket of extortionately priced Fruit Pastilles and demolish one of those overly rich, dinky tubs of ice cream with the wooden stick that looked more like a medical instrument than a spoon. All this while your … Read More

TV: MasterChef Australia – The Best Food Telly You’ve Never Seen

John Torode and recently ousted Strictly novice Gregg Wallace do a sterling job in flying the British MasterChef flag. The format, which switched from its slightly stuffy studio based cooking style over a decade ago, has been sold around the world and rebooted in countless different languages, all adding their own twists and tempos. While the UK version tends to focus on individual journeys and the impression they make upon the judges – if you make Torode weep you’re onto … Read More

COLUMN: Learning to Love Horror

“No film could possibly be as scary as real life.” Those were the words that slipped from between my lips when I decided to stop avoiding horror films. Life was falling apart at the time. I had no idea how so much of what had felt so secure just a short time before was freefalling around me. Like I’d been kicked out of a plane without a parachute and, unlike the science would suggest, I hadn’t passed out thanks to … Read More

TV: Hannibal Season 2

This article does not give spoilers for season 1 nor season 2 of Hannibal.  Adaptation seems to be the name of the game in TV at the moment. Whether it’s a nervousness arising from only wanting to invest in tried-and-tested characters while the market becomes increasingly crowded or just a lack of challenge on the networks’ part, rehashing what’s been done before is certainly the current favoured production avenue. Thankfully, despite the frequent reappearance of old names and faces, several … Read More

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