Time-Travelling Without Moving

NOTE: This post contains major spoilers for the 2014-15 Thor comic book series.  If time-travel were possible, where would you go? Would you move backward or forward? If you hit rewind, you might choose to relive your most favourite days, floating above them, watching the home video that is your life play out as if it was happening to someone else. Maybe you’d go back and do the bad stuff better, making up for the mistakes, changing hurtful words exchanged … Read More

How to Get Dressed – Alison Freer

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If you’ve been hanging out here over the past few months you may have noticed that I have a thing for TV and film costume. I study it in everything I watch. I love that the way a character looks tells us so much about who they’re supposed to be in the story or can immediately indicate to viewers which era to shift their minds to. Their costumes are almost like an additional character. Between focussing on that, the hair, … Read More

The Best Catch-Up TV of the Week

If you’ve been busy this week you might have missed some of the great TV and new series that have come our way. If you have some quiet time this weekend, here are a few of my favourites you might like to catch up on. Ordinary Lies   Ordinary Lies’ second episode appeared on our screens this week and was possibly even better than its first. Set in a Warrington car salesroom, each week a different character’s story is shared … Read More

The Fictional Men, Boys & Foxes I’ve Loved + The Joy of Crushing on Fictional People

A little over a week ago I turned a page in volume two of the Sex Criminals comic and mentally remarked to myself, “Aww, I love Jonathan’s big, squishy nose. It’s so cute. He’s so cute.” There were heart-eyes all round before it struck me that Jon was a character created from the mind of Matt Fraction, with the nose I found so attractive drawn by the hand of Chip Zdarsky. It had been a while since I’d crushed on … Read More

Fantasy Styling Kimmy Schmidt

Has there ever been a TV show so poorly represented by its trailer? When I heard that Tina Fey had a new project due for release I was inordinately excited, at least, until the trailer made it look a little too cute with not enough comedy. However, in Tina Fey we trust and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt turned out to be one of the best series of the year so far. Under the wing of cult leader Rev. Richard Wayne … Read More

Fantasy Styling Claire Underwood – House of Cards

I finished watching season three of House of Cards yesterday and, yes, it left my mouth open. There’s no doubt that Francis Underwood is one of Kevin Spacey’s ‘legacy roles’, but the real star of season three was Robin Wright as his long-time sidekick Claire. This year Claire came into clear focus and Robin Wright was truly stunning in her performance. As I remarked recently on Twitter, she’s made of magic. If TV award season only gives House of Cards … Read More

Three DVDS out this week – Pride | This is Where I Leave You | Nightcrawler

During the Miners’ Strike that flecked through the entire canvas of the early 1980s, money grew short and wills snapped. Sensing the miners’ exasperation and recognising their feeling that they didn’t matter, one small group decided to hold out the hand that only the kinship of equally not being heard can offer. In this true story, members of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners descend upon the small Welsh town of Onllwyn to offer their assistance in both keeping spirits … Read More

Nerd Block Unboxing February 2015

Time for another video, this week it’s a Nerd Block unboxing for February. As I mentioned in the video, you can find a gallery of close-up photos of everything that was in the box in a gallery below. Happy nerding, nerds!    

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