Aziz Ansari’s Master of None

Stand-up comedians who get their own sitcom don’t often live up to the hype their name creates. The gully between the chops needed to stand in front of a room of baying comedy fans demanding you make them roar and straight-up TV acting is vast. Not everyone survives the jump. Aziz Ansari has already proven he knows how to glide effortlessly from one side to the other and back again with his role as professional wheeler-dealer Tom Haverford in much-missed … Read More

Why Not Me? Mindy Kaling Book Review

There’s a list of things you naturally find yourself wanting to say about Mindy Kaling. You want to say that she’s refreshing, that you’d like to be her best mate, that her words feel like a conversation with a real person unfiltered by Hollywood spin and that she’s both aspirational and inspirational. The problem is that before you get chance to explain why those things really are true, she cuts you off because she knows what you’re going to say. … Read More

The Gamechangers – Was the BBC telling of Rockstar Games’ story fair?

The battle between gamers and those who don’t understand video games is as old as it is exhausting. Given how far forward we’ve now come to gain some credibility and while we’re still having to justify the industry’s existence to critics, you can’t help but wonder what the BBC’s motivation was in making The Gamechangers, shown on BBC2 last night. The docu-drama aims to tell both sides of the story regarding Rockstar Games’ fight to make Grand Theft Auto: San … Read More

Kitchens of the Great Midwest | J Ryan Stradal | Book Review

Reality TV is a weirdly hypnotic experience. It has to take very ordinary people, places and situations and make it so that you simply cannot look away for the 30 minutes it flashes across your television. That doesn’t just happen by accident. To varying degrees, the stories playing out in front of us will be manufactured by those behind the seemingly covert cameras. The faces in front of them may not be reading from an autocue, but they’ll almost certainly … Read More

The Self-Sabotage of Nerd Culture

There once was a time where being the shy, quiet nerd was niche. I have a distinct memory of sitting in the school library during my final year of high school with people I didn’t especially consider my friends, they were just classmates. People to pass time with. We didn’t have much in common. I looked across at the cool kids, all classic beauty, confidence, both admirable athletic and academic ability. I didn’t quite see myself with them either. I … Read More

Marvel’s Agent Carter and How TV is Changing

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Television is currently going through a time of transition. We’re living in exciting times. How, why, where, when and with whom we watch has changed so dramatically over the past few years, media studies professors will be referencing this period of telly development for decades to come. They’re writing about it now, but it’s altering with such rapid speed the research can’t keep up. As the internet continues to shrink the world and mobile devices become so glued to our … Read More

Fantasy Styling the Women of Gotham

The first series of Gotham, the Batman origin story, finished broadcasting in the UK this week. While it had its bumpy moments and caused some debate among comic book fans over what it was supposed to be, I ended up loving it. Although, the awful American trend of the mid-season break almost killed it for me. Assurances that it was worth catching up on were absolutely true. I’m glad I persevered. One of the things I enjoyed most about Gotham … Read More

TV to Catch Up on This Week

Peter Kay’s Car Share   There is an argument to be made that once a comedian reaches extraordinary levels of fame and fortune, they can lose touch with the everyday normality that connects them and their comedy to the majority of their audience. The same is sometimes said of rappers who begin by sharing their life on the streets only to end up bragging about their champagne and diamonds lifestyle. In those terms, considering the arenas he’s filled and the … Read More

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