Black Mirror – Series 3 | Upload us all to the cloud

During the week leading up to Halloween we can expect a collection of film and TV outlets to clamour for our attention. It’s officially the most deliberately horrifying month of the year, yet the most frightening thing you can watch this week is undoubtedly the third series of Black Mirror. As if Charlie Brooker’s enviable way of packaging up how we live and communicate through a worst-case-scenario lens wasn’t already brilliant, on Netflix everything’s that little bit bigger, bolder, sharper. There … Read More

Preacher – Rogen & Goldberg hit the bullseye

Vertigo’s Preacher comic book series, first published over a six year period from 1995, has two shining lights: it’s effortlessly cool to the point of privately painting yourself into the panels, and it’s unceasingly compelling. As a more recent reader, the discipline needed in putting one book down and not diving head-first into the next in the interest of making it last wasn’t always summoned. The agony of reading Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s clever melding of words and artwork … Read More

Fantasy Styling Agent Carter Season Two

I have for some time been enamoured with the idea of fantasy styling Peggy Carter of Marvel’s Agent Carter. Not only is it one of the few shows where women are allowed to shine as characters and not just as accessories, it’s also dripping with gorgeous 1940s style. That in itself makes trying to recreate Peggy’s style with items largely chosen from the British high street an enormous challenge. Forties shapes and cuts simply aren’t very fashionable at the moment, … Read More

Kitchens of the Great Midwest | J Ryan Stradal | Book Review

Reality TV is a weirdly hypnotic experience. It has to take very ordinary people, places and situations and make it so that you simply cannot look away for the 30 minutes it flashes across your television. That doesn’t just happen by accident. To varying degrees, the stories playing out in front of us will be manufactured by those behind the seemingly covert cameras. The faces in front of them may not be reading from an autocue, but they’ll almost certainly … Read More

The Self-Sabotage of Nerd Culture

There once was a time where being the shy, quiet nerd was niche. I have a distinct memory of sitting in the school library during my final year of high school with people I didn’t especially consider my friends, they were just classmates. People to pass time with. We didn’t have much in common. I looked across at the cool kids, all classic beauty, confidence, both admirable athletic and academic ability. I didn’t quite see myself with them either. I … Read More

Marvel’s Agent Carter and How TV is Changing

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Television is currently going through a time of transition. We’re living in exciting times. How, why, where, when and with whom we watch has changed so dramatically over the past few years, media studies professors will be referencing this period of telly development for decades to come. They’re writing about it now, but it’s altering with such rapid speed the research can’t keep up. As the internet continues to shrink the world and mobile devices become so glued to our … Read More

TV to Catch Up on This Week

Peter Kay’s Car Share   There is an argument to be made that once a comedian reaches extraordinary levels of fame and fortune, they can lose touch with the everyday normality that connects them and their comedy to the majority of their audience. The same is sometimes said of rappers who begin by sharing their life on the streets only to end up bragging about their champagne and diamonds lifestyle. In those terms, considering the arenas he’s filled and the … Read More

Time-Travelling Without Moving

NOTE: This post contains major spoilers for the 2014-15 Thor comic book series.  If time-travel were possible, where would you go? Would you move backward or forward? If you hit rewind, you might choose to relive your most favourite days, floating above them, watching the home video that is your life play out as if it was happening to someone else. Maybe you’d go back and do the bad stuff better, making up for the mistakes, changing hurtful words exchanged … Read More

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