Three Winter Candle Favourites

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If ever there was a time of the year when people love having candles around it’s Christmas. There are plenty to choose from. You’d be hard pressed not to find a company, big or small, luxury or budget, that isn’t peddling a Christmas offering. You can rely on the big names to produce something fantastic. You know the ones I mean. The Diptyques, the Jo Malones, the Neoms of this world. Last year my Christmas candle was the Elemis Spa … Read More

Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break

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I’ve always maintained that Scandinavians really know how to live. They appear to see things through a different lens to the rest of the world, and certainly to wider Europe. I’ve been overly enamoured with the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ since I watched Neil Oliver learning about it first hand during an episode of Coast several years ago. Loosely translated it means to enjoy and take comfort from cosy things. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t fall in love with something … Read More