Fantasy Styling Ghostbusters 2016

Whatever you thought of the new Ghostbusters film, one of its biggest successes was establishing these new characters through their clothes. Yes, yes, yes, we all saw the overwhelmingly tedious side-by-side memes suggesting the originals were ghostbusters and these were just four amateurs in boiler suits. But their ‘workwear’ – the beige jumpsuits with orange piping – were the least interesting costumes in the film. After all, when they’re wearing them, they’re a team and deliberately indistinguishable from each other. … Read More

Fantasy Styling Agent Carter Season Two

I have for some time been enamoured with the idea of fantasy styling Peggy Carter of Marvel’s Agent Carter. Not only is it one of the few shows where women are allowed to shine as characters and not just as accessories, it’s also dripping with gorgeous 1940s style. That in itself makes trying to recreate Peggy’s style with items largely chosen from the British high street an enormous challenge. Forties shapes and cuts simply aren’t very fashionable at the moment, … Read More

Styling Pantone Rose Quartz for Men & Women

Every year, Pantone select a colour that they believe will represent the forthcoming 12 months. Pantone set industry standards for matching colours across all forms of design, from the colour of a typeface you might see on an ad at the bus stop to the packaging on a new can of fizzy pop and the fabrics on your sofa. They know colour. This puts them in the optimum position to predict trends, especially as they can potentially work across any … Read More

Fantasy Styling Adele in the Hello Video

As I write this the current view-count on Adele’s Hello video is 252,547,470. It’s 2.5 million higher than it was just a few hours ago when I studied it carefully to break down everything she’s wearing. The video was made available just over two weeks ago! Apart from the fact that it’s the most intense, sorrowfully pleasurable earworm in months, you can’t get away from the fact that she looks stunningly beautiful in the video. Her make-up is gorgeous, as … Read More

Fantasy Styling the Women of Gotham

The first series of Gotham, the Batman origin story, finished broadcasting in the UK this week. While it had its bumpy moments and caused some debate among comic book fans over what it was supposed to be, I ended up loving it. Although, the awful American trend of the mid-season break almost killed it for me. Assurances that it was worth catching up on were absolutely true. I’m glad I persevered. One of the things I enjoyed most about Gotham … Read More

Shopping for Shorts Without Fear

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Last summer I was faced with a dilemma. It was a roasting hot but incredibly windy day. I could have worn a dress or a skirt, but the chances of me not flashing my knickers to half the city seemed low. Jeans and trousers were out of the question and the leggings I’d plumped for felt like they were actually cooking my legs. “This is ridiculous!” I thought. I needed some shorts. The problem was I’d always been slightly afraid … Read More

Styling Grey for Early Spring – for Men & Women

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Alright, I know it’s supposed to be spring now we’re into March but I’m just not done with winter yet. Maybe it’s because Cardiff is apparently the only spot in the Northern hemisphere not to see any proper snow yet. I can hardly walk on a non-slippery pavement so I’d get cabin fever in amazingly quick time, but it just looks so pretty. The rest of the world is begging for the blizzards to stop and I’m over here like… … Read More

STYLE: Fantasy Styling Tartan and Checks

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Fantasy styling is where I spot something I like while online window shopping and then wonder how I might style an entire outfit around it. I’ll then spend hours putting it all together, before trying to talk myself out of buying everything I’ve chosen. It can be an expensive way of passing the time. There are a lot of tartan, plaid and checks around this season, which pleases me. I love a checked shirt. A man in a checked shirt, … Read More