10 Favourite Summer Style & Beauty Finds

I talk all the time about my dislike of summer. I explained why in this post on the body and beauty products that were making it more bearable. Still, it’s been the source of some of my favourite style and beauty finds of the year so far. So I can’t meet it with complete disdain, even if I’m thrilled that it’s September in a few hours time. Also, despite my plan to lighten things up a bit, I bought so … Read More

Fantasy Styling Ghostbusters 2016

Whatever you thought of the new Ghostbusters film, one of its biggest successes was establishing these new characters through their clothes. Yes, yes, yes, we all saw the overwhelmingly tedious side-by-side memes suggesting the originals were ghostbusters and these were just four amateurs in boiler suits. But their ‘workwear’ – the beige jumpsuits with orange piping – were the least interesting costumes in the film. After all, when they’re wearing them, they’re a team and deliberately indistinguishable from each other. … Read More

My Spring Styles Staples

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The idea that there’s nothing new under the sun applies strongly to fashion. Shapes, widths, hem and neck lines might alter from one year to the next, but really, it’s all cyclical. What looks good now will look all wrong in five years time. In the same vein, what looked good twenty years ago can magically seem cool again just for the sake of having something different. It’s spring, which of course means pastels and florals, right? In the words … Read More

Styling Pantone Rose Quartz for Men & Women

Every year, Pantone select a colour that they believe will represent the forthcoming 12 months. Pantone set industry standards for matching colours across all forms of design, from the colour of a typeface you might see on an ad at the bus stop to the packaging on a new can of fizzy pop and the fabrics on your sofa. They know colour. This puts them in the optimum position to predict trends, especially as they can potentially work across any … Read More

SHOPPING: The Best Christmas Socks

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If you know the Annie soundtrack as well as I do, you’ll already know that it’s what you wear from ear-to-ear that matters, not from head-to-toe. All good advice from the 1980s, but your chances of smiling are slightly higher if when you look down at your toes they’re looking festive. I don’t have any science to back that up, but if ever there was a time of year where you can get away with a touch of ostentation, it’s … Read More

Shop the Trend: Star Prints

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A week or so ago Naga Munchetty reported for BBC Breakfast from the Science Museum, where she interviewed astronaut Tim Peake ahead of his forthcoming trip into the atmosphere and guided a group of school children through a Q&A on space travel. Enthralling as the prospect of his temporary relocation sounded, what caused an equal amount of discussion on Twitter was Naga’s navy star print dress. Collections of sleepy ladies, myself included, sent tweets her way asking to know where … Read More

For the love of November, it’s not Christmas!

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Poor old November. Nobody loves it anymore. September is the official start of autumn and brings about a veritable avalanche of pumpkin-spiced hibernation dreams, October is handed over to all things Halloween and November seems to have an identity crisis being caused by the retail driven backward bleed from December. November is not Christmas! I love November. No big events, aside from the odd firework and outdoor hotdog, no major pressures to be anywhere or do anything specific. Close enough … Read More

The Winter Coat Edit

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I love shopping, I hate shopping for coats, blazers and jackets. They never encompass my bosom properly and when I do find one that’ll do up across the chest without fighting with me, the shoulders and arms inevitably end up being too billowing and baggy. It’s a laborious task. I stretch a winter coat out as long as possible, but the last one I bought is starting to look shabby so it’s time for a refresh. I actually found a … Read More

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