The World According to Star Wars – Book Review

As if it needed the help, Star Wars: The Force Awakens galvanised the film franchise as a pop culture and a financial phenomenon. While the prequels didn’t damage the comfort blanket of the original trilogy as such, they hadn’t necessarily added to them hugely either. The buzz around The Force Awakens suggested something quite different. Something new but also reminiscent. Something better than we had seen in decades. The anticipation for Episode VII was rewarded and deserved, delivering a rejuvenated … Read More

April 2016 Comics – Hits and Misses

Most Promising New Series – Poe Dameron (Marvel) When I heard that your boyfriend, Poe Dameron, was getting his own comic series I was giddy with anticipation. I’m yet to find anyone whose heart doesn’t thump for Oscar Isaac in his orange flight suit, exuding rebellious-for-a-good-cause spirit. But what really set my anticipation sensors tingling was the news that Marvel were placing the series in the hands of Charles Soule and Phil Noto. Charles Soule is currently one of their … Read More

Favourite Comics February 2016

February ended up being one of those busy months where just when you felt your eyes weren’t burning with tiredness anymore, something else came along and added itself to the list of things that needed doing. Comics didn’t so much have to take a back seat as be dispatched to a box in the boot. Thankfully, I’ve all but caught up with the running stories I’ve been following, even if some of the longer volumes I’ve picked up haven’t been … Read More

How The Force Awakens Literally Gave Me Life (No Spoilers)

I sat in an uncomfortably warm cinema at 10am on a Thursday morning, brimming with excitement at the thought of what I was about to see. It formed no discernible picture in my mind, just dreamlike watercolours of chopped up scenes stitched back together in my brain courtesy of regularly repeated TV trailers. When someone whose judgement I trust says, “You’ll love it!” I know I’m in for a good time. I patiently awaited my almost certain entertained fate. One … Read More

Nerd Block Unboxing February 2015

Time for another video, this week it’s a Nerd Block unboxing for February. As I mentioned in the video, you can find a gallery of close-up photos of everything that was in the box in a gallery below. Happy nerding, nerds!    

Nerd Block Unboxing January 2015

I’d hoped to make a video of this unboxing, but as I’ve been struck down by some kind of cold/flu/ebola hybrid for the best part of the week, I’m not looking very camera-friendly. Plus, there would be a high number of random cuts where I save your ears and remove the hacking cough. Couple that with all the cuts I already make where I fluff and realign my fringe and it might judder enough to set off a seizure. So … Read More