Black Mirror – Series 3 | Upload us all to the cloud

During the week leading up to Halloween we can expect a collection of film and TV outlets to clamour for our attention. It’s officially the most deliberately horrifying month of the year, yet the most frightening thing you can watch this week is undoubtedly the third series of Black Mirror. As if Charlie Brooker’s enviable way of packaging up how we live and communicate through a worst-case-scenario lens wasn’t already brilliant, on Netflix everything’s that little bit bigger, bolder, sharper. There … Read More

Unfriended – DVD Review – What if revenge infected your computer and you couldn’t turn it off?

Few films benefit from being watched at home more than they do in front of a surround sound cinema screen. Yes, from the comfort of your humble abode you have the advantage of more plush seating and the ability to lie down in your pyjamas while being entertained. There is, however, something enduring and forever exciting about sitting in cinema seats with the smell of warm popcorn punctuating the air, an extortionately priced and over-iced drink at your side and the … Read More

The Duff – DVD & Blu-ray Review

Teen movies are ten a penny and often insufferable to anyone whose teens are now a blur of mixed feelings, half slices of awkward conversations and recalled couplets from the terrible poetry you wrote. That last part may have been just me. For teen driven films to be really good, transcend the audience they’re intended for and stand the test of time, they have to also appeal to adults and strike nerves with audiences reaching for it years after its … Read More

COLUMN: The YouTube Trap

Back in September I wrote a column on YouTubers and putting your everyday life online, along with both the rewards and the pitfalls of doing so. I remember posting that column and thinking that the whole microcosm of YouTube fame was something of a ticking time bomb. The more I sat back and watched it unfold, the more it seemed unruly, chaotic and a disaster waiting to happen. This column isn’t intended to be a late ‘I-told-you-so’, but this week … Read More