Autumn Beauty Staples 2016

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As the weather began to chill and summer disappeared over the horizon, it suddenly occurred to me that I was also beginning to feel more like myself again. Or rather, my favourite version of myself. I was made for autumn colours and being back wearing them on my face and body made everything that little bit better. I’m continually astonished at the impact changing seasons can have, for better or worse. During the summer I wrote a post about the … Read More

10 Favourite Summer Style & Beauty Finds

I talk all the time about my dislike of summer. I explained why in this post on the body and beauty products that were making it more bearable. Still, it’s been the source of some of my favourite style and beauty finds of the year so far. So I can’t meet it with complete disdain, even if I’m thrilled that it’s September in a few hours time. Also, despite my plan to lighten things up a bit, I bought so … Read More

My 2016 Beauty Wishlist

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One of the best things about a new year is the look ahead to the beauty product launches for the coming weeks. The last couple of months of the year tend to be filled with gift sets and special deals, and then the hope that the ones you really want will either end up in your Christmas stocking or wildly slashed in price in the sales. I’m one-for-two on that score. My wishlist is forever bulging, but there are plenty … Read More

Best Beauty 2015

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It’s 2016! Are you feeling fighting fit, rested and ready to take on a new year? No, me neither, but motor on we must. Despite not being a fan of New Year’s Eve and the whole idea of forced personal reflection at one single point, I do love end of year lists of people’s absolute favourite things: beauty products, music, tech, books, video games, comic books, film, TV. Once you boil it down to the real highlights they’re a great … Read More

Body Oils for Every Budget

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This time of year, with central heating turned up full blast and the weather colder, albeit not as Arctic as I’d like, our skin can dry out quicker. We also cover up more and, if you’re so inclined, you might forego leg shaving more often than you do in the summer because it’s tights season. Shove those pins in your tights and nobody can tell you’re a fortnight deep in regrowth. Personally, I try not to do that because shaving … Read More

Budget Bathroom Heroes

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If you’re a beauty or a grooming product junkie you won’t usually mind spending big money on products you’ve heard great reviews of. People who enjoy it rather than finding it a chore get excited about new launches, no matter how luxury. We won’t necessarily buy them all, but we like to be in the loop. Not everyone enjoys this process and not everyone can justify a spendy beauty habit. In all honesty, even those of us who get tingly … Read More

REN Micro Polish Cleanser vs. Una Brennan Superfacialist Micro Polish Wash

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Whether you find the whole process of scrubs and face masks a little laborious or if you just like to get some extra exfoliation every day, cleansers that have built-in scrubbing or chemical exfoliants are a great way of killing two birds with one stone. We all love a double-duty product. With so much choice, where should you spend your money, though? Does the high-street product do the same job as the spendier version? I’m pitting REN Micro Polish Cleanser … Read More

High End Face Masks on Trial

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  I recently found myself with a glut of high end face mask samples, so I thought I’d put some on trial for you. When it comes to expensive skincare, treatments and masks can be a risky investment as you can’t be sure if the money will deliver the kind of results that make shelling out worth it. That’s where honest reviews come in handy. Have I found the best face mask for clogged pores? Is bee venom the miracle … Read More

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