Stranger Things, video tapes and the fluttering nature of nostalgia

Every generation has a way of accessing their childhood entertainment that ends up being wholly redundant. Technology drags us forward at breakneck speed, yet those moments in time carry such satisfyingly plump nostalgic weight, they stay important to us long after their method of delivery turns naff. VCRs have been flung into local council skips for years. Last week, the very final unit was manufactured. For those of us whose childhoods bled between the late 70s and the 1980s, the video … Read More

How The Force Awakens Literally Gave Me Life (No Spoilers)

I sat in an uncomfortably warm cinema at 10am on a Thursday morning, brimming with excitement at the thought of what I was about to see. It formed no discernible picture in my mind, just dreamlike watercolours of chopped up scenes stitched back together in my brain courtesy of regularly repeated TV trailers. When someone whose judgement I trust says, “You’ll love it!” I know I’m in for a good time. I patiently awaited my almost certain entertained fate. One … Read More