Three Winter Candle Favourites

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If ever there was a time of the year when people love having candles around it’s Christmas. There are plenty to choose from. You’d be hard pressed not to find a company, big or small, luxury or budget, that isn’t peddling a Christmas offering. You can rely on the big names to produce something fantastic. You know the ones I mean. The Diptyques, the Jo Malones, the Neoms of this world. Last year my Christmas candle was the Elemis Spa … Read More

The Year of Living Danishly – Helen Russell

Scandinavia has been the subject of increasing wonderment to the rest of the world in recent years. Certainly in Britain, where the daily grind seems one chain link of nonsensical hyperbole after the other. Our new access to Scandi-TV along with the knowledge that Denmark is repeatedly listed as the happiest country in the world – with its Nordic neighbours following close behind – leaves us asking why. Why are they so happy? Why aren’t we? These questions were on … Read More