Red Dead Redemption 2 and the emotional joy of video games

  THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE RED DEAD REDEMPTION VIDEO GAME.  Video games have come in for a bad rap over the years. This almost always simmers down to a lack of understanding: people who don’t play finding the attraction confusing and therefore rubbishing its existence. An exercise dripping with insecurity. In its earlier years especially, gaming was demonised for allegedly instigating real-life violence in players who committed grievous acts on-screen, fully ignoring the millions of us who didn’t … Read More

The Fictional Men, Boys & Foxes I’ve Loved + The Joy of Crushing on Fictional People

A little over a week ago I turned a page in volume two of the Sex Criminals comic and mentally remarked to myself, “Aww, I love Jonathan’s big, squishy nose. It’s so cute. He’s so cute.” There were heart-eyes all round before it struck me that Jon was a character created from the mind of Matt Fraction, with the nose I found so attractive drawn by the hand of Chip Zdarsky. It had been a while since I’d crushed on … Read More