Stranger Things, video tapes and the fluttering nature of nostalgia

Every generation has a way of accessing their childhood entertainment that ends up being wholly redundant. Technology drags us forward at breakneck speed, yet those moments in time carry such satisfyingly plump nostalgic weight, they stay important to us long after their method of delivery turns naff. VCRs have been flung into local council skips for years. Last week, the very final unit was manufactured. For those of us whose childhoods bled between the late 70s and the 1980s, the video … Read More

The Cooking Tsunami – The Joy of Cooking & Eating

  [NOTE: Want an audio version of this post? Scroll down to the bottom of this page.] There has never been a time when I haven’t adored food. I was the girl who always cleared her plate because she wanted to, not because she was ordered to. When nobody was looking I’d use my finger to clean the plate, too. I still do that. What does social etiquette matter when you’ve just made the greatest gravy of your lifetime? Actually, … Read More

Nerd Block Unboxing April 2015 | Growing Up 80s

You know how I said in my last Arcade Block video that I definitely wasn’t getting the April Nerd Block even though it had a Ghostbusters item in it? It turns out that everyone really does have a price and mine sits with Back to the Future junk. So with no regrets whatsoever, here’s the Growing Up 80s Nerd Block unboxing for April 2015. There’s a gallery of close-ups below, but if you want to see science live and in … Read More