Maren Morris’ Hero – Country’s Getting Cooler

Maren Morris and her self-styled brand of country music are tricky to label. Not only does she like that inability to put her in a box, but so do her growing army of fans. Her debut major album, Hero, is a confident stride on to the mainstream stage with a distinct style that sets her apart from the moment she opens her mouth. It says something about how hotly anticipated Hero is, that her recent collaboration with Dierks Bentley on … Read More

Bare Bones – Bobby Bones Book Review

At the time when I was either in Middle Tennessee or making plans to book more extortionately priced flights back to Nashville, WSIX was the best company. While I was there, mornings in the car were soundtracked by the country music radio station that made me feel less like a visitor and more like a resident with every traffic update, weather report and new single I had no hope of hearing at home. On glumly returning to the UK, listening … Read More

Beyoncé’s Lemonade – equal parts empowerment and vulnerability

When Beyoncé unexpectedly released her self-titled album in December of 2013, it exploded into a fireball of new-found and unapologetic ownership of her sexuality. Without any indication that it was coming nor any pre-emptive promotion, there it was: the rebirth of an ailing link between cinematography and music in the form of the Visual Album, told with the tale of sexual awakening destined to empower other women into instigating their own and spawning seemingly eternal pop culture catchphrases. This past … Read More

10 Underrated Cover Songs

We’re so swamped with cover songs these days it’s hard to separate the true tributes from the haphazard. The rise of TV talent shows has played host to thousands of cover versions, all with hopeful wannabes crossing their fingers that they get to hear those immortal words, “You made it your own!” Meanwhile, YouTube gives a platform to anyone who wants to be a music industry sensation to grab some starlight while belting out a well or not-so-well rehearsed cover. … Read More

Six Albums Rocking the End of Winter

The first six weeks of the year have presented me with a full range of albums to soundrack the pleasingly chilly end of winter. A couple of them were 2015 releases but new to me this year, while the rest have all been set free over the past few weeks. If you’ve read any of my previous music rundowns, you won’t be surprised to know the collection is a little eclectic, but that means there should be something for everyone. … Read More

David Bowie – A Celebration of Being Different

This morning we awoke to the deflating news that David Bowie had died. It doesn’t even seem possible for Bowie to die because he never appeared to be fully real to begin with. He was other-worldly in a way that went beyond the rest of us and yet he remained effortlessly down-to-earth and cool with it. It’s fitting that Bowie’s wrestle with cancer was kept relatively quiet. His life was about performance and maybe he didn’t feel like being on … Read More

Best Albums of 2015…According to Me

Throw me in the River – The Smith Street Band These choices are in no particular order but I had to make The Smith Street Band the first on the list. Had I discovered Throw Me in the River earlier in the year it would have blown everything else out of the water for play count alone. I’ve mentioned them and this album in poetic style before in this post, so I’ll try not to repeat myself, but it’s been a … Read More

The All-Woman Weekend

I have a joyful weekend of essay writing and mildly panicked Christmas shopping ahead of me. In the midst of it, here are a few things I’m looking forward to. As it happens they’re all about ladies.  Cam’s Untamed Album I’ve been a fan of Cam’s brand of country music since she popped up on Bobby Bones’ radio show back in the summer of 2014 doing a cover of Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass, just for laughs. I’m not … Read More

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