The Magnificent Seven & Making a Case for Remakes

If social media has taught us anything, it’s that hell hath no fury like the rage typed in reaction to a movie remake announcement. Apparently nothing shakes us to our core more than a new spin on something we know and love, despite it having no impact on the existence or the brilliance of the original. When you crave something that avoids nostalgia, in can be tedious to get a repeat of what’s been done before. Between adaptations from page-to-screen … Read More

Hell or High Water | Film

If the Western is to be a permanent fixture in American cinema, how does it evolve? It can, of course, keep looking back to a time when land was fiercely scrambled for. But what of life in the contemporary westerly United States? With all the flourishing head rushes of climbing on a horse and driving flags into the ground long gone, there are new stories to be told on that same terrain. You can watch Hell or High Water like … Read More

Fantasy Styling Ghostbusters 2016

Whatever you thought of the new Ghostbusters film, one of its biggest successes was establishing these new characters through their clothes. Yes, yes, yes, we all saw the overwhelmingly tedious side-by-side memes suggesting the originals were ghostbusters and these were just four amateurs in boiler suits. But their ‘workwear’ – the beige jumpsuits with orange piping – were the least interesting costumes in the film. After all, when they’re wearing them, they’re a team and deliberately indistinguishable from each other. … Read More

Ghostbusters – Updated, respectful and loads of fun

Let’s get this out of the way early – the new Ghostbusters film isn’t as good as the original. It was never really trying to be and, in all honesty, whether you were looking forward to it or in the camp decrying its mere existence you probably weren’t expecting it to trump the 1984 classic. Not even Ghostbusters II, fully loaded with the original cast, managed to improve upon its predecessor. The new Ghostbusters had to be something that spoke … Read More

The World According to Star Wars – Book Review

As if it needed the help, Star Wars: The Force Awakens galvanised the film franchise as a pop culture and a financial phenomenon. While the prequels didn’t damage the comfort blanket of the original trilogy as such, they hadn’t necessarily added to them hugely either. The buzz around The Force Awakens suggested something quite different. Something new but also reminiscent. Something better than we had seen in decades. The anticipation for Episode VII was rewarded and deserved, delivering a rejuvenated … Read More

Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising – Bare Torsos and Ninja Feminism

Much is written about comedy’s power to deliver important messages and instigate debate while wrapped in a duvet of laughs so cosy we’re relaxed into discussing contentious issues. Almost like swallowing an opioid before receiving bad news, it chills us out. Chris Rock’s monologue on diversity at the 2016 Oscars, for instance, packed an applause-worthy punch while still making most of the audience smile along with him as he ripped their collective industry apart. The weight of balance between fun and … Read More

Captain America: Civil War – A Stylish Start to Phase Three – No Spoilers

You can usually spot a confident person simply by the way they carry themselves. There’s an admirable, breezy, yet quiet contentment that exudes from knowing and liking exactly who you are. Captain America: Civil War is the film-based embodiment of just that. It oozes warranted self-esteem. In a genre sometimes crowded by Marvel Studios’ own schedule of releases, Civil War puts to bed any low rumblings that they might be on the wane. It is absolutely their most well-rounded film … Read More

How The Force Awakens Literally Gave Me Life (No Spoilers)

I sat in an uncomfortably warm cinema at 10am on a Thursday morning, brimming with excitement at the thought of what I was about to see. It formed no discernible picture in my mind, just dreamlike watercolours of chopped up scenes stitched back together in my brain courtesy of regularly repeated TV trailers. When someone whose judgement I trust says, “You’ll love it!” I know I’m in for a good time. I patiently awaited my almost certain entertained fate. One … Read More

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