Black Mirror – Series 3 | Upload us all to the cloud

During the week leading up to Halloween we can expect a collection of film and TV outlets to clamour for our attention. It’s officially the most deliberately horrifying month of the year, yet the most frightening thing you can watch this week is undoubtedly the third series of Black Mirror. As if Charlie Brooker’s enviable way of packaging up how we live and communicate through a worst-case-scenario lens wasn’t already brilliant, on Netflix everything’s that little bit bigger, bolder, sharper. There … Read More

Three DVDS out this week – Pride | This is Where I Leave You | Nightcrawler

During the Miners’ Strike that flecked through the entire canvas of the early 1980s, money grew short and wills snapped. Sensing the miners’ exasperation and recognising their feeling that they didn’t matter, one small group decided to hold out the hand that only the kinship of equally not being heard can offer. In this true story, members of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners descend upon the small Welsh town of Onllwyn to offer their assistance in both keeping spirits … Read More