Fantasy Styling Agent Carter Season Two

I have for some time been enamoured with the idea of fantasy styling Peggy Carter of Marvel’s Agent Carter. Not only is it one of the few shows where women are allowed to shine as characters and not just as accessories, it’s also dripping with gorgeous 1940s style. That in itself makes trying to recreate Peggy’s style with items largely chosen from the British high street an enormous challenge. Forties shapes and cuts simply aren’t very fashionable at the moment, … Read More

Marvel’s Agent Carter and How TV is Changing

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Television is currently going through a time of transition. We’re living in exciting times. How, why, where, when and with whom we watch has changed so dramatically over the past few years, media studies professors will be referencing this period of telly development for decades to come. They’re writing about it now, but it’s altering with such rapid speed the research can’t keep up. As the internet continues to shrink the world and mobile devices become so glued to our … Read More

Marvel Collector Corps Ant-Man Unboxing | June – July 2015

It’s time to dip into the second offering from the Marvel Collector Corps. This time they’re linking up with the new Ant-Man movie released next month and it’s a mixed bag of practical errors along with some great products. Let me know what you think of what was in the box. I’m intrigued to know how it’s going down with people. I also apologise in advance for my shameless Paul Rudd lust. I have no defence. There are close up … Read More

Avengers: Age of Ultron, High Culture Snobbery & Indulging What You Love

I regularly remind people, including myself, that it’s alright not to like things other people love. It’s okay if something that’s insanely popular does nothing for you. There’s nothing wrong with you. If the new incarnation of Taylor Swift that’s got the whole world falling at her feet makes you recoil instead of leaving you wanting to lick her shoes, no problem. If not a single kick of last year’s football World Cup made you tingle, that’s allowed. When you … Read More