Beyoncé’s Lemonade – equal parts empowerment and vulnerability

When Beyoncé unexpectedly released her self-titled album in December of 2013, it exploded into a fireball of new-found and unapologetic ownership of her sexuality. Without any indication that it was coming nor any pre-emptive promotion, there it was: the rebirth of an ailing link between cinematography and music in the form of the Visual Album, told with the tale of sexual awakening destined to empower other women into instigating their own and spawning seemingly eternal pop culture catchphrases. This past … Read More

Liquid Archives: Gifts for Teetotal Friends

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We’re now creeping toward that present-giving time of year. Let’s not ruin it by talking about it too much. Delayed gratification has more going for it than you might think and we haven’t yet carried out the favourite British pastimes that are grumbling about fireworks being set off too late at night this week, debating the ethics of burning effigies in front of children, and being envious of American Thanksgiving food, then consoling ourselves by piggybacking onto the post-Thanksgiving sales. … Read More

DRINKS: Homemade Chilli and Ginger Lemonade Recipe

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A couple of weeks ago some good friends of mine went along to the Liverpool Food Festival and took it upon themselves to send me pictures of their loot. I have a fondness for hot chillies, so Doug’s picture of his chilli lemonade made me weep with envy. Not satisfied with having to miss out I decided to look into how to make my own. There are lots of different methods, including a Thai version that also uses lychee flesh. … Read More