Stranger Things, video tapes and the fluttering nature of nostalgia

Every generation has a way of accessing their childhood entertainment that ends up being wholly redundant. Technology drags us forward at breakneck speed, yet those moments in time carry such satisfyingly plump nostalgic weight, they stay important to us long after their method of delivery turns naff. VCRs have been flung into local council skips for years. Last week, the very final unit was manufactured. For those of us whose childhoods bled between the late 70s and the 1980s, the video … Read More

The All-Woman Weekend

I have a joyful weekend of essay writing and mildly panicked Christmas shopping ahead of me. In the midst of it, here are a few things I’m looking forward to. As it happens they’re all about ladies.  Cam’s Untamed Album I’ve been a fan of Cam’s brand of country music since she popped up on Bobby Bones’ radio show back in the summer of 2014 doing a cover of Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass, just for laughs. I’m not … Read More

Unfriended – DVD Review – What if revenge infected your computer and you couldn’t turn it off?

Few films benefit from being watched at home more than they do in front of a surround sound cinema screen. Yes, from the comfort of your humble abode you have the advantage of more plush seating and the ability to lie down in your pyjamas while being entertained. There is, however, something enduring and forever exciting about sitting in cinema seats with the smell of warm popcorn punctuating the air, an extortionately priced and over-iced drink at your side and the … Read More

FILM: Horns

Halloween often brings about an unsurprising string of horror movie releases. If you have a film exploring darkness and the like, why not let it loose on the public when even the sweetest of souls head out to celebrate it? Albeit regularly via not-so-gruesome cat ears and slightly smudgier than usual eyeliner. Horns, an adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel of the same name, was first shown at the Toronto Film Festival in September of last year. 13 months is a … Read More

American Horror Story Freak Show, Episode 1

It must be a fabulous treat for a cast of TV actors and crew to reunite each year to make a television show, but be able to take on new parts and tackle the challenges of dressing people and sets in different periods of history. American Horror Story, now beginning its fourth season, has the feel of repertory theatre, but with the eeriest writing and a budget that allows them to completely submerge themselves and viewers in a brand new … Read More

COLUMN: Learning to Love Horror

“No film could possibly be as scary as real life.” Those were the words that slipped from between my lips when I decided to stop avoiding horror films. Life was falling apart at the time. I had no idea how so much of what had felt so secure just a short time before was freefalling around me. Like I’d been kicked out of a plane without a parachute and, unlike the science would suggest, I hadn’t passed out thanks to … Read More

TV: Hannibal Season 2

This article does not give spoilers for season 1 nor season 2 of Hannibal.  Adaptation seems to be the name of the game in TV at the moment. Whether it’s a nervousness arising from only wanting to invest in tried-and-tested characters while the market becomes increasingly crowded or just a lack of challenge on the networks’ part, rehashing what’s been done before is certainly the current favoured production avenue. Thankfully, despite the frequent reappearance of old names and faces, several … Read More