Autumn Beauty Staples 2016

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As the weather began to chill and summer disappeared over the horizon, it suddenly occurred to me that I was also beginning to feel more like myself again. Or rather, my favourite version of myself. I was made for autumn colours and being back wearing them on my face and body made everything that little bit better. I’m continually astonished at the impact changing seasons can have, for better or worse. During the summer I wrote a post about the … Read More

Body & Beauty Products Making Summer Easier

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If you scroll back through you’ll find out pretty quickly that I believe autumn to be the king of all seasons. It may even end up the theme of my next tattoo. I might have skin that tans without burning, but I also own oily skin that tends to look a mess in the summer rather than that aspirational glowing goddess look. I like the mood boosting properties of bright sunlight, I don’t enjoy the fact that heat and … Read More

Best Beauty 2015

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It’s 2016! Are you feeling fighting fit, rested and ready to take on a new year? No, me neither, but motor on we must. Despite not being a fan of New Year’s Eve and the whole idea of forced personal reflection at one single point, I do love end of year lists of people’s absolute favourite things: beauty products, music, tech, books, video games, comic books, film, TV. Once you boil it down to the real highlights they’re a great … Read More

Budget Bathroom Heroes

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If you’re a beauty or a grooming product junkie you won’t usually mind spending big money on products you’ve heard great reviews of. People who enjoy it rather than finding it a chore get excited about new launches, no matter how luxury. We won’t necessarily buy them all, but we like to be in the loop. Not everyone enjoys this process and not everyone can justify a spendy beauty habit. In all honesty, even those of us who get tingly … Read More

It’s the humidity! – Styling Hair in Humid Weather

During this past week, weather in the UK definitely kicked up a notch. It is now summer in no uncertain terms. Not only did thermometers suddenly shoot up, the barometers got worked hard, too. The air-pressure and humidity were, in a word, gross. We’re not really equipped for extremes of weather, so we’re forever seeking emergency solutions. I can’t tell you what to do when your car wheels get stuck in the snow, other than calling the AA, but I … Read More

Testing Five Hair Conditioning Treatments

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During the time that I had very short hair I seemed to be accumulating deluxe samples of hair masks, deep and leave-in conditioners that were of no real use to me. My hair lacks volume at the best of times, so while short it definitely didn’t need any extra moisture weighing it down. Now that it’s longer and starting to need some help, I decided to pull out a selection to see which I might spend my money on once … Read More

Top Hair, Body & Skincare Picks 2014

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A couple of days ago I bestowed upon you my favourite make up items of 2014. If I thought narrowing make up down to a small list was difficult, it was nothing compared to having to dismiss skincare items. Nevertheless, here are the hair, body and skincare items that are coming with me into 2015. NAILS During the warmer months I couldn’t drag myself away from Barry M’s Aquarium nails collection. I particularly loved Pacific (£3.99): a blue and green … Read More

HAIR: Percy & Reed Volumising Oil vs Elvive Fibrology Serum

A few weeks ago I posted this piece on how to decide whether the cost of a beauty and grooming product is worth it to you. With this in mind I’ll be pitching some high street and high-end products against each other to see which I think are better. This week I’m putting Percy & Reed Volumising No-Oil Oil For Fine Hair with L’Oréal Elvive Fibrology Thickness Creation Double Serum, both base products that claim to bulk up fine hair. … Read More

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