Life is Strange (Spoiler-Free Review) – they’ve just got so many feelings

Life is Strange – the decision based graphic adventure game from Square Enix – slipped past my gaze during its ten-month 2015 release. It’s a video game so engrossing and evocative I wish I’d paid it more attention when its name was first floating around social media. I also wish I’d written it. Having only now completed all five episodes over the space of a few weeks, I’m still feeling its emotional impact several days after closing the book on … Read More

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) – Felicia Day Book Review

On the surface and considering her unconventional upbringing, it seems bizarre that so many people would feel such an intense kinship with Felicia Day. In her fascinating new memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), the actress, writer and producer lets us in on her life and, once you really get to know her, it becomes obvious why she’s so irresistable to so many. The geek world is generally a mainstream lifestyle choice these days, but Felicia wasn’t just … Read More

The Self-Sabotage of Nerd Culture

There once was a time where being the shy, quiet nerd was niche. I have a distinct memory of sitting in the school library during my final year of high school with people I didn’t especially consider my friends, they were just classmates. People to pass time with. We didn’t have much in common. I looked across at the cool kids, all classic beauty, confidence, both admirable athletic and academic ability. I didn’t quite see myself with them either. I … Read More

Growing into Geekery + The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy

  [NOTE: Want an audio version of this post? Scroll down to the bottom of this page.] This past Sunday I sat in the shopping concourse of a hospital with a grande-soy-latte-extra-hot, a Starbucks Rise & Shine muffin and a copy of the latest shiny issue of SciFi Now magazine. I wasn’t visiting anyone or attending an appointment of my own, I just like it there on a Sunday. No, it doesn’t have that antiseptic hospital smell that creeps everyone … Read More

Arcade Block Unboxing May 2015

It’s time for another Arcade Block unboxing. This May box will be last, at least for a while, as I explore the new Comic Block coming very soon. I apologise for my dreadful dancing and rapping during this video, but if it gives you a laugh I will have served a purpose for the day. There are photos of all the items below, should you need them.  

Arcade Block Unboxing April 2015

This wasn’t my most favourite of the Arcade Blocks, but I did my best to look for the positives. I also spent quite a bit of time chatting about the gaming community and how a subscription box that pleases everyone is always going to be a tricky task. There are some photos of each item below the video if you want a closer look. If, as I mentioned in the video, you missed the Marvel Collector Corps unboxing video and … Read More

Guide to Playing Video Games with a Vestibular Disorder (or if they just make you really dizzy)

When I first developed a vestibular disorder almost five years ago, I had to grudgingly give up a lot of stuff: alcohol, the gym, walking unaided, international travel, well, at least at the beginning any kind of travel, self-confidence, some days even the ability to speak and think clearly. The list goes on but I don’t want to bum you out with a glossy invitation to my pity-party. And actually, I’ve worked my socks off trying to recoup as many … Read More

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