Season’s Eatings – Gizzi Erskine | Cookbooks

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I make no secret of the fact that I’m a fangirl for Gizzie Erskine. I love the chilled-out, cool vibe she lets colour both the style of her food and her own personal look. I love that she seems to have such an insatiable desire to explore and enjoy the culinary world. Most of all, I like that she’s unafraid of being just a little bit weird in an industry that can occasionally come across as manicured within an inch … Read More

On Not-So-Guilty Food Pleasures

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In yesterday’s Guardian, food writer Felicity Cloake wrote about how people have stopped inviting her to dinner. Not because they no longer want her company, but because someone whose obsession with food has become their career must surely snub everyday food, right? You might disappoint them. Professional food addicts hate the ordinary, don’t they? Never, she explains. Not that she was dissing her friends’ cooking, but there is something relieving about not feeling you have to pander to those with … Read More

Japanese Food Haul

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I make no secret of my obsession with overseas food. It is by far my favourite section of any supermarket, and I really love supermarkets. It’s borderline embarrassing how much food I used to bring back from America when I was spending inordinate amounts of time there. It’s like travelling without moving. Packaging with unusual artwork or a language you don’t understand, an ingredients list full of stuff you probably shouldn’t ingest and yet you can’t say no. I’ve never … Read More

Kitchens of the Great Midwest | J Ryan Stradal | Book Review

Reality TV is a weirdly hypnotic experience. It has to take very ordinary people, places and situations and make it so that you simply cannot look away for the 30 minutes it flashes across your television. That doesn’t just happen by accident. To varying degrees, the stories playing out in front of us will be manufactured by those behind the seemingly covert cameras. The faces in front of them may not be reading from an autocue, but they’ll almost certainly … Read More

Potato Chip Pie Recipe

I recently started watching The Mindy Project. By ‘just started’ I mean I’m hurtling toward the middle of the third series and wondering how I’m going to manage without her while they finish shooting the fourth. She has soothed the ache left by the departure of Parks & Recreation. Thankfully, Mindy Kaling has a new book out next month, which you can be sure I’ll be sharing with you. In one particular episode Mindy and Danny are asked if they … Read More

The Cooking Tsunami – The Joy of Cooking & Eating

  [NOTE: Want an audio version of this post? Scroll down to the bottom of this page.] There has never been a time when I haven’t adored food. I was the girl who always cleared her plate because she wanted to, not because she was ordered to. When nobody was looking I’d use my finger to clean the plate, too. I still do that. What does social etiquette matter when you’ve just made the greatest gravy of your lifetime? Actually, … Read More

Liquid Archives: Edward’s Cordial

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Continuing the series where I review drinks, which I’ve renamed Liquid Archives to encompass drinks not of the fizzy variety, this week I’m cooing over Edward’s Cordial. I was very kindly given a gift box of these as a Christmas present and I’ve loved them so much I thought I’d share with you. Edward’s are a British based company using only pressed, natural juices to make into concentrated cordials. They don’t add anything extra to keep it on the shelves, … Read More

TV: MasterChef Australia – The Best Food Telly You’ve Never Seen

John Torode and recently ousted Strictly novice Gregg Wallace do a sterling job in flying the British MasterChef flag. The format, which switched from its slightly stuffy studio based cooking style over a decade ago, has been sold around the world and rebooted in countless different languages, all adding their own twists and tempos. While the UK version tends to focus on individual journeys and the impression they make upon the judges – if you make Torode weep you’re onto … Read More

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