FILM: Jon Favreau’s CHEF

I resent the word ‘foodie’. It should mean everything I am: someone who adores – possibly borderline worships – food and what it can do. But it’s been co-opted. Say ‘foodie’ at it conjures up pretension. Those pernickety people would might consider that if you enjoy having beans on toast for tea some nights you clearly have no class. The frustrated amateur wannabe Michelin-starred chefs who demand excellence, organic and artisan at all times. They confuse rules with passion. They … Read More

COLUMN: Ghostbusters III and why you don’t need to worry

Nostalgia used to be considered a psychiatric disorder. If you found yourself reliving memories, fond or otherwise, it was thought that something must be wrong. It’s known that fixating too much on the past and not allowing yourself to enjoy the now can sometimes be a symptom of depression. Being repeatedly haunted by a traumatic experience is at the root of PTSD. But true, happy nostalgia in its simplest form actually has health benefits. Researchers at the University of Southampton … Read More

COLUMN: Learning to Love Horror

“No film could possibly be as scary as real life.” Those were the words that slipped from between my lips when I decided to stop avoiding horror films. Life was falling apart at the time. I had no idea how so much of what had felt so secure just a short time before was freefalling around me. Like I’d been kicked out of a plane without a parachute and, unlike the science would suggest, I hadn’t passed out thanks to … Read More

FILM: A Love Letter to Guardians of the Galaxy

There is a lot to love about Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s latest punctuation mark in an anthology of recent superhero movies. While some have been brushed over quickly, Guardians of the Galaxy feels very much an exclamation point for something quite different. And you get the feeling it’s all entirely deliberate. Despite their global financial success and their sizeable contribution to the ‘Geek = Cool’ phenomenon, there’s sometimes a layer of exclusivity tucked into the Avengers and the X-Men … Read More

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