The Ratatouille from Ratatouille

There is nothing more evocative than food memories from film and TV. I wrote a whole post on my favourites, which included the beautifully animated food from the Disney-Pixar movie Ratatouille. Ever since I first watched it I’ve wanted to recreate that final meal of gently baked vegetables that brings a tear to the sullen and immovable food critic’s eye. I finally got round to it. There are several recipes dotted around the internet. I picked what I liked from … Read More

The Gamechangers – Was the BBC telling of Rockstar Games’ story fair?

The battle between gamers and those who don’t understand video games is as old as it is exhausting. Given how far forward we’ve now come to gain some credibility and while we’re still having to justify the industry’s existence to critics, you can’t help but wonder what the BBC’s motivation was in making The Gamechangers, shown on BBC2 last night. The docu-drama aims to tell both sides of the story regarding Rockstar Games’ fight to make Grand Theft Auto: San … Read More

Building Jerusalem Documentary Review

Cynics might suggest that making a documentary about England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup victory against Australia as they embark on another campaign is classic English arrogance, pomp and propaganda. The timing is certainly well scheduled. What better way to head into the 2015 World Cup than to remind England supporters of what they’ve achieved previously, to inspire a new batch of players to follow in their predecessors’ footsteps and to put the frighteners up the opposition. England fans will be … Read More

The Salvation – Film Review

We often believe Westerns to be clothed in ‘Property of Hollywood, California’ sweatshirts, unavailable to anyone on other shores. Snarling, bow-legged cowboys flipping smoking pistols around their index fingers and dispatching varmints to a dusty death before chewing their way through a Texan drawl and spitting its tobacco-laced juice into the dirt. First dibs on telling America’s 19th Century history goes to America, right? Typically, yes, but the thing about those who both populated and built the contemporary Western USA … Read More

Unfriended – DVD Review – What if revenge infected your computer and you couldn’t turn it off?

Few films benefit from being watched at home more than they do in front of a surround sound cinema screen. Yes, from the comfort of your humble abode you have the advantage of more plush seating and the ability to lie down in your pyjamas while being entertained. There is, however, something enduring and forever exciting about sitting in cinema seats with the smell of warm popcorn punctuating the air, an extortionately priced and over-iced drink at your side and the … Read More

The Duff – DVD & Blu-ray Review

Teen movies are ten a penny and often insufferable to anyone whose teens are now a blur of mixed feelings, half slices of awkward conversations and recalled couplets from the terrible poetry you wrote. That last part may have been just me. For teen driven films to be really good, transcend the audience they’re intended for and stand the test of time, they have to also appeal to adults and strike nerves with audiences reaching for it years after its … Read More

Is Fantastic Four as bad as you’ve heard?

However you feel about the plethora of Marvel superhero films and their practically bulletproof box office clout, you have to admit that Marvel Studios are great at what they do. They may not be for everyone, but in terms of attention to detail, honouring heritage, mind-blowing graphic effects, multi-level jokes and producing a well polished final product they’ve cornered the market. Marvel Studios have also successfully created the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an intricate web of characters and stories that link … Read More

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Review

By the time most film franchises reach their fifth instalment, the dead horse is usually being flogged with such force the splits in the skin holding it together gape without promise of repair. While it’s generally agreed that some episodes in the Mission: Impossible saga have been better executed than others, Tom Cruise’s baby has on the whole remained consistent in delivering the action and espionage thriller cues we’ve expected for almost 20 years. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is certainly … Read More

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