The Gamechangers – Was the BBC telling of Rockstar Games’ story fair?

The battle between gamers and those who don’t understand video games is as old as it is exhausting. Given how far forward we’ve now come to gain some credibility and while we’re still having to justify the industry’s existence to critics, you can’t help but wonder what the BBC’s motivation was in making The Gamechangers, shown on BBC2 last night. The docu-drama aims to tell both sides of the story regarding Rockstar Games’ fight to make Grand Theft Auto: San … Read More

FILM: Horns

Halloween often brings about an unsurprising string of horror movie releases. If you have a film exploring darkness and the like, why not let it loose on the public when even the sweetest of souls head out to celebrate it? Albeit regularly via not-so-gruesome cat ears and slightly smudgier than usual eyeliner. Horns, an adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel of the same name, was first shown at the Toronto Film Festival in September of last year. 13 months is a … Read More