Season’s Eatings – Gizzi Erskine | Cookbooks

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I make no secret of the fact that I’m a fangirl for Gizzie Erskine. I love the chilled-out, cool vibe she lets colour both the style of her food and her own personal look. I love that she seems to have such an insatiable desire to explore and enjoy the culinary world. Most of all, I like that she’s unafraid of being just a little bit weird in an industry that can occasionally come across as manicured within an inch … Read More

My 2015 Bookshelf

In 2015 the large majority of my reading time went to comic books. If I had 30 minutes or so in the evening, more often than not I’d be looking to top up the numbers on my comic reading project, so I didn’t get through as many regular books as I would have liked. I’m looking forward to switching that balance this year. I read a lot more than I wrote about on When you see something appear here, nine … Read More

Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break

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I’ve always maintained that Scandinavians really know how to live. They appear to see things through a different lens to the rest of the world, and certainly to wider Europe. I’ve been overly enamoured with the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ since I watched Neil Oliver learning about it first hand during an episode of Coast several years ago. Loosely translated it means to enjoy and take comfort from cosy things. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t fall in love with something … Read More

Three Spring & Summer Cookbooks

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I own a lot of cookbooks, books about food and the joy of eating, along with some tall tales from chefs on restaurant life. At my last count I was floating around somewhere just under the 100 mark and I have no intention of stopping. I can’t believe I’d ever reach a point where I’d think, “Yes, that’s enough now. This is as much as I need.” Call it greedy, which I certainly am, but it’s probably because I can … Read More

FOOD: Jamie Oliver – Comfort Food

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I’ve had something of a long love affair with Jamie Oliver. Not the romantic kind, but in my story with food Jamie takes up beautiful, winding chapters. He and Nigella Lawson dramatically changed how I felt about food and cooking. I had one parent who would eat absolutely anything put in front of them, while the other made an Olympic sport out of furious calorie counting. It was a confusing position in my late teens and early 20s, being caught … Read More