Preacher – Rogen & Goldberg hit the bullseye

Vertigo’s Preacher comic book series, first published over a six year period from 1995, has two shining lights: it’s effortlessly cool to the point of privately painting yourself into the panels, and it’s unceasingly compelling. As a more recent reader, the discipline needed in putting one book down and not diving head-first into the next in the interest of making it last wasn’t always summoned. The agony of reading Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s clever melding of words and artwork … Read More

April 2016 Comics – Hits and Misses

Most Promising New Series – Poe Dameron (Marvel) When I heard that your boyfriend, Poe Dameron, was getting his own comic series I was giddy with anticipation. I’m yet to find anyone whose heart doesn’t thump for Oscar Isaac in his orange flight suit, exuding rebellious-for-a-good-cause spirit. But what really set my anticipation sensors tingling was the news that Marvel were placing the series in the hands of Charles Soule and Phil Noto. Charles Soule is currently one of their … Read More

The New-Style Comic Block March 2016

If you read my unboxing of the first Ohh Deer Papergang subscription box, you might remember me saying that I’d cancelled my subscription to the Comic Block. As it turned out, I hadn’t cancelled in time not to receive the March box. As the Nerd Block family have made significant changes to the Comic Block from this month onward, it might be helpful for you to see how they’ve switched things up. The original idea for the Comic Block was … Read More

Favourite Comics February 2016

February ended up being one of those busy months where just when you felt your eyes weren’t burning with tiredness anymore, something else came along and added itself to the list of things that needed doing. Comics didn’t so much have to take a back seat as be dispatched to a box in the boot. Thankfully, I’ve all but caught up with the running stories I’ve been following, even if some of the longer volumes I’ve picked up haven’t been … Read More

January 2016 Comics in a Nutshell

2015 was the year of the comic book. It was the 12 months during which I took a friendship from casual and comfortable to full-blown love affair. I already knew we were good together, but last year I threw myself in at breakneck speed and it worked out better than I’d ever imagined. I set myself the challenge of reading 365 comics over the course of the year and I completed it on New Year’s Eve in a state of … Read More

Reasons to Be Cheerful – Agent Carter | Hellcat | American Housewife

Let’s get real, 2016 hasn’t gotten off to the flying start we’d all hoped for. If you’ve had a spectacular couple of weeks, more power to ya, but we’ve taken a few collective bashes over the past few days. Several of my favourite people have had gloomy starts to the year and I’m sure you’ll all agree with me when I make liberal use of the caps lock key and say, “FUCK CANCER!” Still, there are some reasons to keep … Read More

The All-Woman Weekend

I have a joyful weekend of essay writing and mildly panicked Christmas shopping ahead of me. In the midst of it, here are a few things I’m looking forward to. As it happens they’re all about ladies.  Cam’s Untamed Album I’ve been a fan of Cam’s brand of country music since she popped up on Bobby Bones’ radio show back in the summer of 2014 doing a cover of Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass, just for laughs. I’m not … Read More

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