BOOKS: Funny Girl – Nick Hornby

When something becomes popular it somehow finds itself downgraded. Popular is apparently less clever, less work, too basic to have any artistic merit. Popular music is throwaway. Blockbuster movies are less artistic than an art house classic. Popular literature has less academic clout. Comedians who make arenas full of punters roar with laughter have less substance that those creating buzz on the independent comedy club circuit. We all love the underground and the excitement of getting in on ‘the new’ … Read More

BEAUTY: Pretty Honest – Sali Hughes

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When I was about 10 or 11 years old, certainly while I was still in primary school, I borrowed a beauty manual from the local library. It wasn’t from the children’s section, it was for women who wanted guidance on how to apply their make up perfectly. I already owned my first proper lipstick at this stage. I’d added one to my mum’s Avon catalogue order. It was coral pink and came in yellow packaging. I can still see it … Read More

BOOKS: Who is Tom Ditto? – Danny Wallace

Whoever they are, you wouldn’t typically say that an author’s second novel is in a safe pair of hands. Even if their debut had knocked readers off their collective feet, the sophomore story would still have to prove them to be something more than a one trick pony. But when that writer is Danny Wallace, that huge back catalogue of work means you almost certainly know you’re getting something great. What Wallace does so well with his non-fiction projects – taking his … Read More

FOOD: Jamie Oliver – Comfort Food

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I’ve had something of a long love affair with Jamie Oliver. Not the romantic kind, but in my story with food Jamie takes up beautiful, winding chapters. He and Nigella Lawson dramatically changed how I felt about food and cooking. I had one parent who would eat absolutely anything put in front of them, while the other made an Olympic sport out of furious calorie counting. It was a confusing position in my late teens and early 20s, being caught … Read More

Books: Little Lies – Liane Moriarty

I first discovered Australian author Liane Moriarty while scouring Audible for a new audio book to listen to while cooking. It’s my favourite form of multitasking. I found What Alice Forgot, liked the idea of the story, loved narrator Caroline Lee’s voice and spent one of my Audible credits on it. It fast became one of my favourite books and for several weeks after finishing it I still had the regularly uttered line, “Alice? Are you OK?” looping around my … Read More

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