BOOKS: A Boy Called Christmas, Matt Haig

They say you can tell when a children’s book is written well when adults can read it without feeling they’re having to readjust their brains to enjoy it. Matt Haig’s A Boy Called Christmas is not so much a kids’ book as it is a Christmas story that just happens to be appropriate for children. You would think there couldn’t be many seasonal stories left to tell, but this Father Christmas origin story feels like a fresh spin on what we … Read More

BOOKS: Three Wishes, Liane Moriarty

It’s a strange experience reading someone’s debut novel after you’ve read several of their others. You can’t help but notice the differences and the development that came after it. You might even go into it wondering if it can be as good as what you’ve already read. Not so with Liane Moriarty. It may have taken four books for her next two to become New York Times bestsellers, but her stories covering the contortions of suburban Australian life run right … Read More

Nick Frost’s Truths, Half Truths & Little White Lies

Pragmatic may not be the sexiest way to describe Nick Frost’s memoir, Truths, Half Truths & Little White Lies, but it is the most apt. The old cliché that comedians hide a world of sadness with laughter would be easy to apply. But rather than feeling that his work with perpetual partner-in-crime Simon Pegg is a mask for the pain, it becomes clear that the comedy is the result of all the extraordinarily difficult things that have happened to Nick … Read More

The Year of Living Danishly – Helen Russell

Scandinavia has been the subject of increasing wonderment to the rest of the world in recent years. Certainly in Britain, where the daily grind seems one chain link of nonsensical hyperbole after the other. Our new access to Scandi-TV along with the knowledge that Denmark is repeatedly listed as the happiest country in the world – with its Nordic neighbours following close behind – leaves us asking why. Why are they so happy? Why aren’t we? These questions were on … Read More

Why Not Me? Mindy Kaling Book Review

There’s a list of things you naturally find yourself wanting to say about Mindy Kaling. You want to say that she’s refreshing, that you’d like to be her best mate, that her words feel like a conversation with a real person unfiltered by Hollywood spin and that she’s both aspirational and inspirational. The problem is that before you get chance to explain why those things really are true, she cuts you off because she knows what you’re going to say. … Read More

Kitchens of the Great Midwest | J Ryan Stradal | Book Review

Reality TV is a weirdly hypnotic experience. It has to take very ordinary people, places and situations and make it so that you simply cannot look away for the 30 minutes it flashes across your television. That doesn’t just happen by accident. To varying degrees, the stories playing out in front of us will be manufactured by those behind the seemingly covert cameras. The faces in front of them may not be reading from an autocue, but they’ll almost certainly … Read More

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) – Felicia Day Book Review

On the surface and considering her unconventional upbringing, it seems bizarre that so many people would feel such an intense kinship with Felicia Day. In her fascinating new memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), the actress, writer and producer lets us in on her life and, once you really get to know her, it becomes obvious why she’s so irresistable to so many. The geek world is generally a mainstream lifestyle choice these days, but Felicia wasn’t just … Read More

All Involved – Ryan Gattis

In April of 1992 four white LA police officers were acquitted of assaulting and using excessive force on black taxi driver Rodney King, following a high-speed car chase. The incident was caught on video by a local resident who, with the help of newsrooms, managed to move the footage into living rooms and onto front pages around the world. The court’s decision was considered such an unwavering and racist miscarriage of justice that it lit the touch-paper on already strained … Read More

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