Season’s Eatings – Gizzi Erskine | Cookbooks

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I make no secret of the fact that I’m a fangirl for Gizzie Erskine. I love the chilled-out, cool vibe she lets colour both the style of her food and her own personal look. I love that she seems to have such an insatiable desire to explore and enjoy the culinary world. Most of all, I like that she’s unafraid of being just a little bit weird in an industry that can occasionally come across as manicured within an inch … Read More

Truly, Madly, Guilty – Liane Moriarty | Books

When it comes to her characters, Liane Moriarty is a sneaky writer. In Truly, Madly, Guilty, the latest addition to her growing library of novels, her stars are so ordinary you almost don’t notice them becoming fixtures in your life. Ordinary isn’t to be confused with bland, though. They all have enough neuroses, drama and humour to keep them sparking, it’s just that their suburban worries and spats are so recognisable that they become people you feel you know almost … Read More

The World According to Star Wars – Book Review

As if it needed the help, Star Wars: The Force Awakens galvanised the film franchise as a pop culture and a financial phenomenon. While the prequels didn’t damage the comfort blanket of the original trilogy as such, they hadn’t necessarily added to them hugely either. The buzz around The Force Awakens suggested something quite different. Something new but also reminiscent. Something better than we had seen in decades. The anticipation for Episode VII was rewarded and deserved, delivering a rejuvenated … Read More

My Sunshine Away, M.O. Walsh – Book Review

There were moments during My Sunshine Away where I felt unsettled enough to consider whether I wanted to continue reading. M.O. Walsh’s debut novel isn’t at all grisly or gruesome in how it tells of the impact a teenager’s rape has on her community. In fact, even with its intense honesty, the writing is rich and syrupy in how carefully the words have been selected. Still, with the nameless narrator’s zealous adolescent infatuation with the victim and the early knowledge that … Read More

Bare Bones – Bobby Bones Book Review

At the time when I was either in Middle Tennessee or making plans to book more extortionately priced flights back to Nashville, WSIX was the best company. While I was there, mornings in the car were soundtracked by the country music radio station that made me feel less like a visitor and more like a resident with every traffic update, weather report and new single I had no hope of hearing at home. On glumly returning to the UK, listening … Read More

BOOKS: Rush Oh! – a tender, funny novel in tribute to real Australian history

Even I with my love of Australia, a powerful draw to the coast and an insatiable desire to hop inside pockets of social history, wondered how hard-going a novel Rush Oh! would be. As a premise, a 1908 whaling community facing tough times had something of a bleakness to it. As it turns out, it very successfully achieves the opposite. It’s about as easy-going a read as you could imagine and in the best way. There’s a line of fizzing excitement … Read More

Reasons to Be Cheerful – Agent Carter | Hellcat | American Housewife

Let’s get real, 2016 hasn’t gotten off to the flying start we’d all hoped for. If you’ve had a spectacular couple of weeks, more power to ya, but we’ve taken a few collective bashes over the past few days. Several of my favourite people have had gloomy starts to the year and I’m sure you’ll all agree with me when I make liberal use of the caps lock key and say, “FUCK CANCER!” Still, there are some reasons to keep … Read More

My 2015 Bookshelf

In 2015 the large majority of my reading time went to comic books. If I had 30 minutes or so in the evening, more often than not I’d be looking to top up the numbers on my comic reading project, so I didn’t get through as many regular books as I would have liked. I’m looking forward to switching that balance this year. I read a lot more than I wrote about on When you see something appear here, nine … Read More

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