Comic Block October 2015 Unboxing

Usually I’d simply be embedding a YouTube link here and asking you to enjoy my video, but it’s just a good old-fashioned blog post for the Comic Block unboxing this month. This is largely down to the fact that the weather’s made it so unfathomably dark in my office this week it’s been impossible to make a decent video. Have no fear, fans of my face and dulcet tones, the villain-themed Marvel Collector Corps subscription box should be with me … Read More

Time-Travelling Without Moving

NOTE: This post contains major spoilers for the 2014-15 Thor comic book series.  If time-travel were possible, where would you go? Would you move backward or forward? If you hit rewind, you might choose to relive your most favourite days, floating above them, watching the home video that is your life play out as if it was happening to someone else. Maybe you’d go back and do the bad stuff better, making up for the mistakes, changing hurtful words exchanged … Read More

Nerd Block Unboxing April 2015 | Growing Up 80s

You know how I said in my last Arcade Block video that I definitely wasn’t getting the April Nerd Block even though it had a Ghostbusters item in it? It turns out that everyone really does have a price and mine sits with Back to the Future junk. So with no regrets whatsoever, here’s the Growing Up 80s Nerd Block unboxing for April 2015. There’s a gallery of close-ups below, but if you want to see science live and in … Read More