BOOKS: Rush Oh! – a tender, funny novel in tribute to real Australian history

Even I with my love of Australia, a powerful draw to the coast and an insatiable desire to hop inside pockets of social history, wondered how hard-going a novel Rush Oh! would be. As a premise, a 1908 whaling community facing tough times had something of a bleakness to it. As it turns out, it very successfully achieves the opposite. It’s about as easy-going a read as you could imagine and in the best way. There’s a line of fizzing excitement … Read More

TV: MasterChef Australia – The Best Food Telly You’ve Never Seen

John Torode and recently ousted Strictly novice Gregg Wallace do a sterling job in flying the British MasterChef flag. The format, which switched from its slightly stuffy studio based cooking style over a decade ago, has been sold around the world and rebooted in countless different languages, all adding their own twists and tempos. While the UK version tends to focus on individual journeys and the impression they make upon the judges – if you make Torode weep you’re onto … Read More