Season’s Eatings – Gizzi Erskine | Cookbooks

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I make no secret of the fact that I’m a fangirl for Gizzie Erskine. I love the chilled-out, cool vibe she lets colour both the style of her food and her own personal look. I love that she seems to have such an insatiable desire to explore and enjoy the culinary world. Most of all, I like that she’s unafraid of being just a little bit weird in an industry that can occasionally come across as manicured within an inch … Read More

Noma: My Perfect Storm | Documentary

Few of us will have the funds or the free time to travel the world visiting the restaurants officially touted the best, though it’s certainly a nice dream. Despite swinging a personal pendulum between despising pretension in food and admiring the dedication it takes to care intensely about the placement of each micro-herb leaf, Copenhagen’s Noma always ticked a lot of boxes for me. In the new documentary Noma: My Perfect Storm, my inclination to applaud more than scoff is fully … Read More

The Ten (Food) Commandments by Jay Rayner | Book Review

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On MasterChef, when contestants have the anxious challenge of feeding food critics, there’s something intensely comforting about the presence of Jay Rayner. It may make no difference to those plating up with trembling fingers, but as a viewer his seat at the table is something of a relief. He’s no less honest than his fellow diners, but Jay’s common sense approach to food is what elevates his significant likability above his curmudgeonly co-critics. The reason? He genuinely seems to adore … Read More

On Not-So-Guilty Food Pleasures

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In yesterday’s Guardian, food writer Felicity Cloake wrote about how people have stopped inviting her to dinner. Not because they no longer want her company, but because someone whose obsession with food has become their career must surely snub everyday food, right? You might disappoint them. Professional food addicts hate the ordinary, don’t they? Never, she explains. Not that she was dissing her friends’ cooking, but there is something relieving about not feeling you have to pander to those with … Read More

Japanese Food Haul

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I make no secret of my obsession with overseas food. It is by far my favourite section of any supermarket, and I really love supermarkets. It’s borderline embarrassing how much food I used to bring back from America when I was spending inordinate amounts of time there. It’s like travelling without moving. Packaging with unusual artwork or a language you don’t understand, an ingredients list full of stuff you probably shouldn’t ingest and yet you can’t say no. I’ve never … Read More

Chicken with Garlic and Cucumber Recipe | Chinese New Year

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Today marks Chinese New Year. If 2016 didn’t quite start the way you hoped, feel free to co-opt it and grant yourself an official clean slate. You can do that at any point of the year, of course, and I do. But sometimes it’s nice to attach to something that sits in calendars. Don’t worry, I’ve been given permission to speak on behalf of the Chinese people. You’re fine. Probably.  If you just feel like getting in the spirit of … Read More

Decluttering Tips for Messy People

It was mid-December. I looked ahead misty-eyed to what would be two weeks at home with which I could do whatever I chose. “Think of all the productive things you could do around the house,” I said. I thought about all the stuff I’m just too tired to do in the evening. “Imagine the cupboards you could clear out and the overstuffed drawers of rubbish you could empty!” Clean space, clear mind and all that. I had lists of useful … Read More

My 2015 Bookshelf

In 2015 the large majority of my reading time went to comic books. If I had 30 minutes or so in the evening, more often than not I’d be looking to top up the numbers on my comic reading project, so I didn’t get through as many regular books as I would have liked. I’m looking forward to switching that balance this year. I read a lot more than I wrote about on When you see something appear here, nine … Read More

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