What is seibiant.com? 

Launched in August 2014, Seibiant is a UK-based blog serving up neat portions of lifestyle, entertainment and geekery. Entertainment and Geekery posts appear on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with Lifestyle posts appearing on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 

Where did the idea come from? 

I've got very varied interests and found I was having to go to several different spots on the internet to indulge them. I had to plunder beauty blogs in one place, find gaming news in another, look for celebrations of food somewhere else and read personal stories in a different place again.  On seibiant.com I pool all the things I love, sharing stories, experience and knowledge, and hopefully having some fun along the way. Basically, I created a blog I'd be thrilled to read if I stumbled upon it. 

Who am I?

  • Ooh, what an existential question! My name is Rachel Davies. I'm a writer and blogger from Cardiff in South Wales.
  • I speak Welsh fluently but not often. My favourite Welsh words are sglodion, cwtch and glesni.
  • If you went to the trouble of sticking those words into Google Translate, you'll now know what my favourite colour is.
  • I spend too much money on skincare, hot drinks and candles.
  • I worship good (and sometimes bad) food. Carbs are life. I want a pasta tattoo.
  • Cooking is my happy place. 
  • I love style, design and shopping for those things. I've got a particular fascination with foreign food packaging design. I get excited when supermarkets add new things to their Foods of the World section. 
  • If you're not sure what to buy me, opt for something nautical. Your chances of getting something I love are pretty high. 
  • I've got my fingers in far too many entertainment pies and struggle to keep up with all the things I want to watch, read, play and listen to, but I give it a good try.
  • Bruce Springsteen makes my heart beat faster.
  • I'm disabled and have lived with a chronic vestibular disorder since March 2010. The illness and I battle over who's boss every day. I try to win more than I lose and I write about that in this blog series. I'm a spoonie. Feel free to ask me about it. It's not a sore topic. 
  • As a result I'm involuntarily teetotal. It's alright once you get used to it, but there are no booze-free substitutes for gin or Scotch. I miss them. A lot! 
  • I've been a gamer since the Sinclair ZX Spectrum days and I'm now a loyal XBox devotee. My favourite game of all time is Red Dead Redemption. I once had a wet dream about John Marston. I enjoyed it immensely. 
  • I'm currently exploring my new love of comic books with my #365Comics project. You can follow what I'm reading on my Instagram. It's possible that Matt Fraction is becoming my Jesus. 
  • Oh and I'm a wrestling fan, too. So there's your socially awkward nerd trifecta.
  • I don't sleep anywhere near enough.
  • If it ain't hygge, I ain't interested. 
  • I think I may have been Scandinavian in a previous life. 
  • I love science but I'd be useless at studying it.
  • I want to stand under the Northern Lights and cry at them.
  • Autumn is the king of all seasons.
  • I like sunny but freezing cold days.
  • I love salt.
  • And caramel.
  • And salted caramel.
  • I own too many pillows, mugs, notebooks, t-shirts and lipsticks, but that doesn't stop me buying more.
  • Men who wear cardigans make me giddy. 
  • I love country music more than is fashionable.
  • I switch between genres of music with sometimes worrying speed.
  • I'm probably the only Nashville Predators hockey fan in the UK.
  • I'm a spirited advocate for sex-positivity.
  • I studied comedy and got a first class mark. I'm still not funny.
  • Bring me a hotdog while I watch Back to the Future.
  • Grande soy chai latte, extra hot.
  • Yeah, I'm alright.

How can you get in touch with me?

If you want to work with me or get in touch, scoot over to the Contact page for all the details. 

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