Halloween Shopping 2016

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I'm a firm believer in the notion that Halloween should be a month-long celebration. Fun as it is to plan a costume for October 31st and make yourself queasy with a big sugar hit, I love that Halloween is becoming more of a season than a single day in the UK now. As the weather gets colder, it's the ideal month to snuggle under a blanket and watch some horror films, play some scary video games, read a couple of ghost stories and just generally get into a spooky state of mind. I read this week that people who choose to be scared in controlled ways get a surge of good feelings afterwards, so there's your impetus.

Cook some Halloween-themed food throughout the month. Gizzi Erskine's Season's Eatings has got a chapter full of recipes. And if you want a soundtrack to inspire your ideas, I highly recommend this playlist. Make it as fun, subtle or as extreme as you like, just don't hurt anyone in the process. DO NOT dress up as a clown to terrorise your unsuspecting neighbours. It's lame.

As is becoming tradition, I've assembled some of my favourite Halloween treats on the shop shelves at the moment. While I maintain that kids still get the absolute best clothing to choose from, it excites me that every year it's becoming more difficult to narrow the selection down because there's just so much choice. These aren't costumes, but things you can pepper throughout the rest of October. In fact, if you're so inclined, you can take them into November with you. As always, ASOS is a great place to look if you're hunting for Halloween-themed stuff you can incorporate into everyday life. They've brought their Bat Tights back for a third year and, though I slightly miss the black ones, it's great that they make them available in Regular, Curve and Maternity sizes. RIP my pair that got torn to shreds by the neighbours' cat...while I was wearing them!

Here are my Halloween shopping picks for 2016...

halloween-shopping-20161. Dripping Blood Pocket or Hair Clip - £8 

2. Glitter Bat Garland - £5

3. Bat Hair Clips - £6

4. Witches Brew Big Biscuit Card - £20

5. White Faded Skull T-Shirt - £15

6. Fright Night Coin Purse - £3.99

7. Eyeball Socks - £3

8. Sulpicia Skirt - £39

9. Pantone Pumpkin Mug - £10.50

10. Grow Your Own Pumpkin Kit - £9

11. Fluffy Yarn Pumpkin Jumper - £30

12. Mini Bat Bag - £2.99

13. Black Skull Print Scarf - £9.99

14. 3-Pack Halloween Boxer Shorts - £12.99

15. Erstwilder Full of Woe Brooch (Wednesday Addams)- £23