Fantasy Styling Ghostbusters 2016

Whatever you thought of the new Ghostbusters film, one of its biggest successes was establishing these new characters through their clothes. Yes, yes, yes, we all saw the overwhelmingly tedious side-by-side memes suggesting the originals were ghostbusters and these were just four amateurs in boiler suits. But their 'workwear' - the beige jumpsuits with orange piping - were the least interesting costumes in the film. After all, when they're wearing them, they're a team and deliberately indistinguishable from each other. What Jeffrey Kurland did with their clothes away from the action is what told us who they were. If you identified with any of them, here's a recreation inspired by their outfits, fantasy styling the 2016 Ghostbusters.

PATTY - Leslie Jones

Patty's addition to the crew is, as I said in my review, to offer a shot of relatable brightness among the scientific stuffiness of her colleagues. If she's there to be the oracle on the streets of New York City, the way she dresses needs to be an embodiment of that. Her style epitomises the technicolour vibrance of their surroundings. She loves florals, but always does them boldly, especially in her jackets. Even her denim jacket is spruced up with a spray of colourful embroidered flowers. She wears high-top trainers, tight jeans, tropical prints and, while it might seem that they're clashing, they actually work well together. And don't forget the jewellery; all 80s-inspired chunky stuff. She may not be wearing real gold, but she covers herself in the appearance of it nonetheless. Her huge 'Patty' necklace is there to let you know that she doesn't just understand who she is, but she's really happy with it. She knows herself.

patty ghostbusters style1. Floral Bomber Jacket - £35

2. Personalised Name Necklace - £19.95 

3. Palm Tree T-Shirt (Regular + Plus Sizes) - £12.99

4. Filigree Hoop Earrings - £3.50

5. Signet Ring - £35

6. Essie Nail Colour in Surrounded by Studs - £9.99

7. Washed Skinny Jeans - £22

8. Nike Air Force 1s in Liberty Print - £70 

ERIN - Kristen Wiig

Erin is the antithesis of Patty. At least, she is at the beginning of the film. Without giving any spoilers, she's the only character of the four who goes through a personality change by the time the credits roll. As Erin develops, she becomes lighter, less uptight, more free and therefore more casual in her clothes. As the result she also becomes more likeable. Here though, I've concentrated on her physicist clothes, as the professor attempting to secure tenure. The colours are all neutral and work in harmony with each other. There's nothing jarring, nothing bright and that slight blandness fits nicely with her initial personality. That aside though, everything she wears is immaculately tailored and precise. The blazer and skirt fit her perfectly, her blouses are high-necked so as not to distract from her work, and the accessories avoid being ostentatious. These are serious, grown-up clothes for a very serious person.

Erin Ghostbusters Style
1. Tan Rectangle Watch - £32

2. Dandelion Pintuck Blouse - £12

3. Jersey Tweed Blazer - £59.95

4. Square Buckle Belt - £10

5. Grosgrain Skirt - £39

6. Maybelline Nail Colour in Latte - £2.99

7. Smart Tan Satchel - £25

8. Nude Pointed Court Shoes - £65

ABBY - Melissa McCarthy

Abby is probably the most practical of the four, wearing clothes that allow her to work away in her labs freely without having to impress anyone in particular. It makes her very similar to Erin and links up nicely to their friendship. Their aesthetics may be different, but they both wear clothes that help them to do their jobs best. She's casual and doesn't tend to dress up much because she doesn't really have reason to. Abby has several costume changes, but they actually tend to all fall within the same uniform over and again. She'll wear a longline shirt buttoned right up to her neck, usually checked but sometimes striped. She'll top that with a big cardigan and then load that with an oversized coat. So loose and straight, in fact, that it's probably a man's coat. Abby usually goes for grey skinny jeans and then some scuffed but comfortable work boots. There are a few minor accessories, but her entire focus is on her work. Again, like Erin. That's why they're best friends. 

Abby Ghostbusters Style1. Zig Zag Cardigan - £15

2. Longline Checked Shirt - £22.99

3. Military Parka - £22

4. Triangle Stud Earrings - £3.99

5. Plaited Midi Ring - £8

6. Soft Jeggings - £39

7. Flyer Pammie Boots - £27

8. Cross Body Bag - £18

HOLTZMANN - Kate McKinnon

Everyone's gone crazy for Kate McKinnon since the Ghostbusters release and quite rightly so. She's fantastic. But it also helps that in Jillian Holtzmann she's been given one of the film's more abstract and mysterious characters. She's difficult to read and a little wild in thought, which is just what you want from an engineer. And by engineer I mean the classic movie inventor beavering away with nobody quite knowing what they'll do or say next. That constantly firing mindset really comes across in her clothes. The styles are all mixed up. She'll pair tailored waistcoats with casual t-shirts, overalls and biker jackets. Holtzmann's accessories are all over the place too. Sometimes she'll wear a neatly tied neckerchief or even a man's tie and couple it with a Western bull skull. Unlike Erin's dainty leather watch, hers is a chunky diving watch. She wears fingerless driving gloves, chunky boots and, of course, various styles of yellow-tinted glasses. It's all weird and unpredictable, just like she is.

Holtzmann Ghostbusters Style
1. Yellow Sunglasses - £9.99

2. Green Leather Biker Jacket - £160

3. Triangle Tie Necklace - £12.50

4. Scoop Front T-Shirt - £37

5. Western Belt - £12.50

6. Pinafore Jumpsuit - £19.99

7. Boyfriend Waistcoat - £24.99

8. Fingerless Gloves - £12.99

9. Chunky Heeled Boots - £138

10. Oversized Watch - £28