Comic Block October 2015 Unboxing

Usually I'd simply be embedding a YouTube link here and asking you to enjoy my video, but it's just a good old-fashioned blog post for the Comic Block unboxing this month. This is largely down to the fact that the weather's made it so unfathomably dark in my office this week it's been impossible to make a decent video. Have no fear, fans of my face and dulcet tones, the villain-themed Marvel Collector Corps subscription box should be with me any day now and I'll definitely be unboxing that on camera.

The Comic Block for October 2015 is probably my least favourite I've received from them so far. It's the first time I've been disappointed with almost everything. I think I mention this every time I reveal the contents of any subscription box, but it's incredibly difficult to tailor one box to thousands of people. It's especially tricky when you don't ask people for any preferences. For Comic Block in particular I think it would be great if they offered a selection you could pick from each month rather than everyone getting the same three or four comics. I'm sure the publishers would be up for that. You could even get a few more indie publishers involved.

The problem is that once almost everything isn't to your taste, you slightly feel like you've wasted money you could have spent on things you actually wanted. One of the reasons I eventually cancelled the Arcade Block was that it struck me just how far reaching the term 'gamer' was and that it meant something slightly different to all of us who feel affiliated with it. I suspect the same thing may be happening for me with the Comic Block. There is such an enormous wealth of reading choice available on a weekly basis that to say you're a comic book lover merely scratches the surface of which specific series you enjoy most. Nobody likes everything. Nobody even likes everything by just one publisher, even if you find yourself more attached to one over another.

Here's what we received this month...

The t-shirt this month is from Spawn, which I haven't actually read yet. My 'to-read' pile is pretty huge at the moment and it's not on my agenda. I know people who are more familiar with Spawn's heritage have loved the shirt, so it's probably a good representation of what you'd expect from the series, it's just not for me.

spawn t-shirt

The 'extra item' in this month's box was a Lee Howard Venom print. It's a cool idea to bring on board such a talented artist, known for his recreations of villains and monsters. Just personally, this is not something I want to put on my wall, but I appreciate the artwork nonetheless.

venom print

The first of the comics we received was a variant cover Heroes Vengeance No.1, which acts as a prelude to the current NBC Heroes Reborn series. I never fully got into the original Heroes series and haven't got a huge amount of interest in the reboot. Just flicking through, I'm intrigued that there appears to be a professional wrestling angle in the first part of the story, but this is definitely something I would have walked straight past had I seen it on the shelf.

heroes comic

Our second exclusive comes from Dark Horse, Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen. I'm actually playing through Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on XBox One at the moment. I didn't pick it up when it was released in 2013 and when it became available for free on XBox Games with Gold it was too good an offer to pass up. Aside for the constant huffing and puffing, the awful men who repeatedly kill me (her) and the fact that sometimes my heart rate suffers as the result, I'm loving the gameplay. I'm sure I'll have a read of this first issue of Lara's latest comic, but chances of me keeping up with it are pretty slim.

lara croft comic

Finally, something that did please me, a variant cover for the new Back to the Future comic. Being such a massive fan of Back to the Future it'll come as no surprise to you that I've already read the first issue when it was released on that momentous date in October. It is, however, exciting to have a different version of the cover. I'm planning on keeping this one in its wrapper until I've got a spare removable cover to put it in. No more shrink-wrapping, please!

back to the future comic